OSP 3D Eyes Fake Fish Baits




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OSP Fishing Lures 120mm 31g 140mm 47g 160mm 60g 180mm 94g 200mm 100g Long Casting Artificial Hard Bait for GT Fishing Lure

Product Details


Massive diving lip helps them get deep fast. Each dives to its preset depth.. .the 120mm to 1.2m, the 140mm to 2m, the 160mm to 2.3m, the 180mm to 3m, the 200mm to 4m

The OSP 9737 has life-like scale detail and an incredible choice of patterns on a textured, A variety of models with colored lips are more attractive.

Fish Eye

The eyes of our simulated bait are patented. The 3D simulated fish eyes are made according to the lizard eyes

Fish Hook

3X strengthen treble hook, OSP 9737 can be trolled. Erratic minnow bait action or troll for classic aggressive darting action.